Essex County Virginia

Board of Supervisors

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Board of Supervisors

 S. Langford   Greater  Tappahannock
 E. Stanley Langford, Jr.
 P.O. Box 1651
 Tappahannock, VA  22560 
 M. Davis  South
 Margaret H. Davis
 Essex Board Chair
 P.O. Box 129
 Center Cross, VA  22437
 S. Johnson  North
 Sidney N. Johnson
 Essex Board Vice-Chair
 P.O. Box 13
 Hustle, VA 22476
 J. Magruder  Central
 John C. Magruder
 P.O. Box 764
 Tappahannock,  VA, 22560

Board of Supervisors Meetings
The Board of Supervisors meetings are held in the Board Meeting Room at the School Board Office Complex located at 109 Cross Street, Tappahannock, VA unless otherwise indicated. For details about the meetings look at the meeting calendar below.

Rules of Practice and Procedures - Adopted 02/14/2017

Board Policy Allowing Telephonic Participation - Adopted 12/08/2015

Essex County Board of Supervisors Code of Conduct - Adopted 01/10/2017

Essex County Financial Policies

Board of Supervisors Monthly Meeting Schedule for 2017 - Adopted 01/10/2017

Board of Supervisors Travel Policy - Adopted 10/14/2014

Fiscal Year 2014 - 15 Annual Report

Board of Supervisors' Retreat
During the 2014 Board of Supervisors' retreat, a document was developed to determine the goals and focus of the Board and county. A vision and mission statement were developed as well as a county tagline and values important to the Board and Essex County.
Four Strategic Initiatives were created along with an action agenda of steps to support and implement each initiative.

To view the draft document, Click on the link below:

Essex County Vision-Mission-Values – 2015-2016 Strategic Initiatives Summary Draft

This is a draft document, and we welcome public comment and suggestions. Please email your comments and suggestions to