Essex County Virginia

Candidate Information

Candidate Information

Interested in running for office? Visit the Virginia Department of Elections website.

Generally, all candidates must meet the following minimum qualifications.

  1. A candidate must be qualified to vote for and to hold the office being sought.
  2. A candidate must have been a resident of the Commonwealth of Virginia for at least one year immediately preceding the election.

Candidate Information, Forms and Reports may also be obtained by contacting:

Virginia Department of Elections
1100 Bank Street, 1st Floor
Richmond, VA 23219
Toll-Free in Virginia: 800-552-9745
Fax: 804-371-0194

Essex County residents needing forms and/or assistance may contact:

Voter Registration & Elections
205 S. Cross Street, Suite B
Tappahannock, VA 22560
phone: 804-443-4611
Fax: 804-443-4157